The Social Media Monster is Alive!

We stumbled across this great infographic based on research conducted by Microsoft into how social media is affecting employee productivity.

Microsoft’s research produced some quite shocking statistics:

- On average, workers are interrupted every 10.5 minutes.
- 23 minutes is the average length of time it takes for them to get back on track to their assigned work.
- 28% of the day is spent on interruptions and recovery time.
- Interruptions will cost the US economy almost $650 billion a year.

These statistics may incentivize employers to completely block access to social media sites using their Web content filtering solution, but with over half of under-30s stating that they would not take a job that didn’t allow unrestricted social media access, a move like this may create disgruntled workers, and also limit the ability for employees to leverage social media for business purposes. An alternative solution to a complete block may be to set up a Web filtering policy that uses time-based access quotas, allowing employees to access social media for a set period of time over the course of the day. This grants them a degree of Web-surfing freedom, but ensures productivity is not stifled.

Take a look at the full infographic here and let us know what you think about social media access in the workplace, either in the comments section below, or tweet us @bloxx

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